Building Services:

If you are interested E-mail me via the contact page and we can discuss the particulars.  The  pricing is fair, kits costs, a mark-up and my time. If you want more details added to the kit, call me, we can discuss that as well...

I'm Stu Jackes, as a model railroad craftsman, I provide a model building service. Specializing in Model Railroad Craftsman Structures and Buildings. 

I Build Model Railroad Structures and Craftsman Kits.

If you see it on my site, I built it!

I custom build models for those who don’t have time, inclination, ability or just plain don't have the desire to do it for themselves.  It doesn’t matter if it is a craftsman type or it's styrene, I just love to build.  That said, I do admit a certain fondness for wood kits....

Structurally Sound

Custom Model Building Service

"When I build, I am creating a world depicting a simpler time full of wonder and adventure.  It is not enough for me to just build, I get inside of what I create to bring it to life....."

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